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Accessing Files off Campus
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Google Drive File Stream

Many staff members have been requesting access to their personal drives off-campus.  Google offers a free service that will synchronize your files to the cloud so you can access them anywhere.  This service will not convert any of your files to Google's format (docs, sheets, presentations, etc...).  With access to Google Drive File Stream you will be able to use your Google Drive as a regular file storage, saving, opening, and organizing your files without opening your browser.  Attached is a link to get started.  In the event that the Google Drive File stream link is broken you can do a quick search in Google of "Google Drive File Stream" to see if there is an updated article.  


Getting Started with Google Drive File Stream -> Download and install Drive File Stream.  


If you have questions on getting started with Google Drive File Stream, please do not hesitate to contact the helpdesk.  

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