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Rearranging Computer Displays in Windows 10
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My displays are in the wrong place or have been rearranged:

  • There are two simple ways to extend/duplicate or rearrange your display in Windows 10


Method 1:

  1. Hold down the Windows key + P and you’ll see the menu pictured below appear on the right side of your screen




    1. From this menu you can select (In descending order):
      1. Show only your main PC screen
      2. Duplicate your main screen onto another display
      3. Extend your main screen across another display
      4. Show only your Second screen




Method 2:

  1. Right click anywhere on the desktop wallpaper and select “Display Settings” from the menu





    1. Once you are in the Display settings menu notice the numbered boxes at the top


            1. These are your displays and you can rearrange their order from this box
            2. When a screen is selected the box will turn blue
            3. Clicking the “Identify” button will show you which screen identifies with which number
            4. Clicking the “Detect” button will attempt to look for more connected displays



    1. Select the screen you’d like to duplicate/extend and scroll down to the Multiple Displays selection box




      1. If the “Make this my main display” box is checked, it means that you currently have your main desktop display selected
      2. If you’d like to change which display your desktop shows up on, then select a different display from the boxes at the top of the menu as pictured in step 2a. After this, check the “Make this my main display” box and your desktop will switch over to the chosen display



    1. From the Multiple Displays selection box, choose which option you’d prefer for your display


  1. Notice the numbers correlate with the number assigned to the display
  2. Selecting a different monitor with give you different options of duplication
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